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Welcome to the world of author Teuta Metra!

As a book lover, self-published author, wife, and mother, Teuta brings her passion for storytelling to life in her novels.

Her latest release, NOWHERE GIRLS, delves into the plight of women in her home country, drawing from her background as a former journalist.

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Three women. One wish. How far would you go to help a friend?
“Compassionate, honest and unvarnished. A harrowing insight at how a society can devour a woman. An intriguing twist of what is the truth, and what is a lie, between three friends navigating a culture that will ultimately destroy them.”  
– Bronwyn Jones

What people say?

By Helen Pryke on January 28, 2019 
“I really enjoyed the book – the way it follows the three friends’ lives, and shows the cultural and political problems there are in Albania. I liked how Teuta showed all aspects of life through the 3 women, from poor to middle class to living the high life. A great read.” 
By Saimira Tola-Khouw on February 5, 2019
This book offers a great selection and combination of characters, timezones and countries that add to its plot and structure. The author has a very good ability to describe her characters and their feelings even when dealing with them in different cultures and mentalities. The combination of her characters situations reflects courage in analyzing phenomenas and describing the social and cultural issues in her country so good, it almost feels as if she experiences them herself. Judging by the interesting topic and skilful way of bringing it to the reader, I would say this book is a must read for the confrontation to important issues of our society nowadays but also the realistic description of its time.
By d calloway on February 14, 2019
I'll be reading and rereading this book for years to come. The vivid characters pull you into their lives of desperation. You'll laugh and cry with them as they take you on their journey through life. Teuta Metra poured her heart and soul into this book, into every page and every word. I highly recommend reading this book.
By Tamar Tako on February 16, 2019
Nowhere Girls is so well-focused on the girls' and women's problems in Albania which is caused by the overall system of the country. Even though the story takes place in Albania it's very relevant to the problems women face all over the world. The book focuses on the political, social and cultural issues as well which are very relevant for many societies. I come from Georgia and at some point, I had a feeling that this story was happening in Georgia, as it covers such acute issues as corruption, nepotism, family violence, poor social conditions, immigration and etc. The development of the life of three women who are friends is fascinating. I recommend this book with confidence to anyone, especially to them who want to get an in-depth understanding of the challenges the society faces in Albania. However, many of these problems might seem familiar to them as well. I'm glad to have a chance and get the ARC copy of the book, I'm sure it won't stay on my bookshelf for a long time as a closed book, as I will re-read it several times.